T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100

Manufacturer: T+A elektroakustik

Design: T+A
HxBxT: 18x28x28 cm
Weight: 8 kg

The Caruso Blu is a Complete Multi Source HiFi system!
Like its predecessor, the basic concept of the Caruso Blu is that of a complete stereo system with superb sound, whilst remaining as small and compact as possible. External changes are restrained in nature, and the new unit looks even more elegant and exclusive. In contrast, the internal design is a completely new, and now features the very latest components and technologies!

The Caruso Blu is capable of reproducing music from all modern sources:

- BluRay, CD and DVD
- Internet radio
- Network music servers
- USB storage media
- Bluetooth music transfer from mobile devices
- DAB+ and VHF radio
- Analogue sources such as turntable with phono pre-amplifier
- Digital sources such as TV sets and set-top boxes

The machine plays all these sources with outstanding quality through its five integral loudspeaker systems. Three power amplifiers, each generating 50 Watts of continuous power, are coupled directly to the speaker drive units, while the active crossover unit (active loudspeaker principle) ensures that the signals reaching the speakers are precisely defined. The integral digital processor enables the user to select various sound characteristics, with the result that it sounds excellent on a sideboard or desk as well as on a shelf. The machine delivers incredible sound quality for its size, and forms a very convenient means of waking yourself up in the morning.

The Caruso Blu is extremely versatile, and its facilities leave nothing to be desired. The front panel incorporates a high-quality headphone socket, a first-class Bluetooth receiver and a USB-AV port, while the back panel features two analogue RCA inputs, three digital inputs (optical and co-ax), LAN and WLAN connections for the Streaming Client, and a USB port for memory media and pre-amplifier outputs. Stereo pre-amplifier outputs are present, allowing power amplifiers or active speakers to be connected, and a dedicated output enables the use of an active sub-woofer. For use with a TV set the machine features a high-quality HDMI output, and the BluRay disc mechanism has Ethernet access for the use of BD-Life. Although most TVs are beautifully flat, their sound quality often leaves a very great deal to be desired. You can circumvent this weakness by connecting your television to one of the digital inputs of the Caruso Blu, so that TV sound can also benefit from its excellent audio quality.
This great versatility means that the Caruso Blu has enormous potential as the basis for a high-quality, fully featured stereo system.
If you wish, it can even be expanded to form a full-scale Hi-Fi system with additional active speakers, or a 3.1 virtual surround system with active speakers and sub-woofer.

The front panel of the Caruso Blu features a full-width acrylic glass plate which integrates the control circuit board, the high-definition VFD screen, the Bluetooth receiver and the disc drawer of the BluRay mechanism. All openings in the plate are accurately CNC-machined to very close tolerances, ensuring a sophisticated appearance coupled with smooth-acting buttons. The bright screen can be set to any of seven levels.

To provide a further improvement in sound quality, T+A have fitted the Caruso Blu with high-quality 16 mm dome tweeters which improve the dispersion angle and spatial reproduction. At the same time these domes expand the frequency response right up to 30,000 Hz and beyond, creating an airy, open and very finely detailed sound image.

Technical Specifications:
- Drice mechanism: 3-laser BluRay linear mechanism on vibration-damping sub-chassis
- HDMI-Audio output: Stereo Downmix, HD-Bitstream out, Bitstream Legacy, LPCM 5.1, LPCM 7.1
- HDMI-Video output: HDMI 1.3; PAL, NTSC, 4:3, 16:9, Letter Box, Pan Scan
- Disc formats audio: CDDA (Audio CD), MP3 CD, CD R, CD/RW, Hybrid SACD CD Layer
- Container + other formats: MKV, MPG, AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV
- Disc formats Video: BluRay Disc, DVD, VCD, SVCD
- Disc formats Photo: JPEG Picture CD

Streaming Client
- Formats: MP3 , WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG-Vorbis, LPCM, WAV, ALAC, AIFF
- Media server: UPnP AV, Media Player 10 (WMDRM10), vTuner Internet Radio Service, DLNA compatible servers
- Interfaces: USB 2.0, LAN, WLAN

Audio transfer protocol: A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth Audio

FM Tuner
- Reception standard: FM, FM-HD
- Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz (European/US Version)
- Sensitivity mono (26dB S/N): 0.9 µV
- Sensitivity stereo (46 dB S/N): 40 µV
- Overload margin: 103 dB µV
- Total harmonic distortion: 0,1 %
- Signal to noise ratio (mono/stereo): 72 / 62 dB
- Stereo channel separation: 46 dB
- Deemphasis: 50 / 75 µs (European/US Version)
- Data services: RDS / RDBS, station name (PS), programme type (PTY), radio text (RT), time

DAB Tuner
- Reception standard: DAB, DAB+
- Frequency range: 168 - 240 MHz (Band III)
- Sensitivity (BER = 10-4): 2,5 µV
- Overload margin: 103 dB µV

- Inputs analogue: 2xAux, 2 V / 20 kOhms
- Inputs digital: SP/DIF (16 - 24 Bit): 2 x coax (192 kHz), 1 x TOS-Link (96 kHz)
- Headphones output: for dynamic headphones > 30 Ohms
- Bass range: 1 x 50 Watts continuous output
- Mid-rage / high frequency: 2 x 50 Watts continuous output
- Total harmonic distortion: < 0,02 %
- Sound management: DSP controlled sound characteristics
- Outputs: PRE Out Cinch, SUB Out Cinch
- Mains power socket: Automatic mains voltage switching, 100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz

System remote control FM100, WLAN aerial, FM aerial

- Variable display screen brightness
- Three-time alarm timer

Black case with silver covers

Technical modifications reserved

What you get: A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio, including system remote control FM 100.

This system is made in Herford, Germany.

The Caruso Blu is on stock and available for immediate delivery!

Caruso Catalogue (PDF, 2.8MB)

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T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100
T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100
T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100
T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100
T+A Caruso Blu Multi-Source HiFi System/Radio incl. FM 100

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