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Patterns Of Hand Embroidered Fabrics For Your Table-Top!

Chilewich Stitch Stitch was inspired by hand embroidered fabrics. Brightly colored yarns are alternately brought to the surface and then floated on the back using a weaving technique called “tissue pick.” The small windows of color contrast against their neutral backgrounds for a charming weightless effect that appears to be stitched by hand. Each individual yarn blends two colors from the same family resulting in an unexpectedly natural texture. This intricate and unique process allows the design team to closely manage the ultimate textile from start to finish.

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Chilewich Stitch Rectangle 14x18.5'' - LAKE (4 Pcs.)
      Chilewich Stitch Rectangle 14x18.5'' - LAKE (4 Pcs.)
Chilewich Stitch Rectangle 14x18.5'' - GOLD (4 Pcs.)
      Chilewich Stitch Rectangle 14x18.5'' - GOLD (4 Pcs.)


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