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Zwuddha - The Meditating Garden Dwarf - Blue

Manufacturer: Zwuddha

Design: S. Rimasch
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 300g
Material: Weatherproof plastic

Zwuddha - the meditating non-stuffy garden gnome for balconia, flower pots and your meditation room!
mobilise all those, who up to now, regarded the hilarious garden companion as epitome of the (German) philistinism.

Even though Zwuddha's appearance seems to break with conventions, it dutifully complies with almost all definitions of the 'International Association for the Protection of Garden Gnomes', with seat in Basle, which laid down what a 'good', authentic garden gnome is: He measures a maximum of 69 centimetres, has a jelly bag cap, is a beardy type and of male gender.

The size of this 20 cm edition has been specially designed to populate balconies and flower pots as not everyone is lucky enough to own their own garden. From now on, you don't have to be left out!

The garden gnome population in German gardens amounts to approximately 25 million. Even Switzerland and Austria have been seriously infected by the garden gnome pyrexia.

We forsee a great future for the Zwuddhas to found new populations in the young, not at all stuffy natural and spiritual environments.

What you get: A Zwuddha in blue.

The Zwuddha is 'Made in Germany!'

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Zwuddha - The Meditating Garden Dwarf - Blue

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