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Wendt & Kühn Angel with Condertina, on Small Pedestal

Manufacturer: Wendt & Kühn

Design: Wendt & Kühn
Height: 8 cm / Pedestal: 3 cm

The 'White Timbre' Edition!
The puristic 'White Timbre' Edition relies on the contrasts between form and colour. It gives the figurines a timeless appeal and as solitary works of art lends them an understated elegance. This edition attracts those with a sense of design and leaves room for their own interpretations.

Stylishly packed in a secure box: The White Timbre Edition packaging continues the contrast in color between the figurine and the base: A black cover crowns the white box and is kept closed by invisible magnets. The box, lined in elegant black velvet, is a dignified and at the same time safe place for the angels – as well as an attractive gift box offering stylish display options.

Wendt & Kühn is the synonym for perfected wooden art with a long tradition in the heart of the German Erzgebirge.

Lovingly painted Santa Clauses, beautifully playing, decorative musical boxes and the chubby angels with their characteristic green wings and eleven white dots as well as the colourful blossom kinder make collector's hearts beat faster all over the world.

All objects are handcrafted and solely made in Saxony. They are distinctive pieces of art which have established the worldwide reputation of the Grünhainichen family business.

What you get: One 650/200/8 Angel with Condertina, on Small Pedestal in black & white gift box.

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Wendt & Kühn Angel with Condertina, on Small Pedestal

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