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Zafferano Melting Pot Red 6 Pcs Tumbler Rock Set

Manufacturer: Zafferano

Design: F. de Majo
Height: 87-109 mm
Contents: 27-35 cl
Ø 71-99 mm

Melting Pot is the novelty that represents the new style: it is not so much a new collection as rather an innovative approach for tableware, a different way of proposing the product. Three are the different mixed collections colour combinations generated to ‘contaminate’ shapes and colours - creating trends and offering proposals in single, or pairs of, colours which when mixed and matched produce different and surprising effects and solutions every time.

This novel idea in proposing the collections arises from observing reality. Just as the reality in which we live is the result of an intermingling of elements that incessantly interact with each other in ever-changing combinations, so our new proposals of collections interpret the contemporaneity of our day-to-day life. No longer just varieties of shapes and colours in the different product lines, then, but one step further, a step beyond.

The packaging of this set will result from the following selection: three tumblers will be selected from the collections Perle, Tirache, Bon Bon or Gessato and some other three tumblers from the collections Veneziano, Barocco, Provenzale, Big John or Sig. Wilson.

Be surprised!

What you get: A Zafferano Melting Pot 6 Pcs. Tumbler Rock Set in red colours.

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Zafferano Melting Pot Red 6 Pcs Tumbler Rock Set
Zafferano Melting Pot Red 6 Pcs Tumbler Rock Set
Zafferano Melting Pot Red 6 Pcs Tumbler Rock Set

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