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Wendt & Kühn Erzgebirge Angel, blue, with Electric Lighting

Manufacturer: Wendt & Kühn

Design: Wendt & Kühn
Height: 40 cm

Tradition has it that it was in 1922 that a man from neighboring Lippersdorf brought his old candle holder angel into the workshops of Wendt & Kühn to be repaired. Olly Sommer (later Wendt) liked this angel so much that she then interpreted the figurine in different colorways. Wendt & Kühn are reintroducing two of them this year, each without and with Electric Lighting.

These slim angels are characterised by their traditional cylindrical form. This is atypical for the figurines of Wendt & Kühn whose turned components are usually cut diagonally to the axis and then reassembled at an angle. Just as important as their shape is their coloring – the graphic ornamentation and detailed patterns of leaves and flowers require huge talent and great skill. In order to emphasize its connection with Erzgebirge traditions, the angel is shown in the 1931 price list as "Old Erzgebirge Angel". A point of interest: During Advent these exceptional figurines still decorate the windows of Wendt & Kühn company buildings just as they did in the past, creating a festive atmosphere in both Grünhainichen and Seiffen.

The Erzgebirge Angel, a striking 40 centimeters high, has candle holders. These can hold both wax and LED candles.

Exihibitions and the successful participation in trade fairs both home and abroad have been the way forward for the company up until today. The recognition bestowed upon the company Wendt & Kühn at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, where the Madonna and the Angel Mountain were accredited with Grand Prix commendation and awarded a Gold medal, was indeed a fitting tribute to the artistic and unique characteristic of the figurines, and an indication of the esteem the company was held in. This is remembered today in the eleven white spots painted onto the green wings, which has remained the hall mark of the Grünhainichener Angels©.

The richly painted Angels with candle holder are impressing by their opulent, highly artistic appearance.

Wendt & Kühn is the synonym for perfected wooden art with a long tradition in the heart of the German Erzgebirge.

Lovingly painted Santa Clauses, beautifully playing, decorative musical boxes and the chubby angels with their characteristic green wings and eleven white dots as well as the colourful blossom kinder make collector's hearts beat faster all over the world.

All objects are handcrafted and solely made in Saxony. They are distinctive pieces of art which have established the worldwide reputation of the Grünhainichen family business.

What you get: An 571/2E-BLUE Erzgebirge Angel, Blue, with electrical lighting.

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Wendt & Kühn Erzgebirge Angel, blue, with Electric Lighting

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