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ICARUS Sundial in your Pocket - World Time & Compass

Manufacturer: Helios Sonnenuhren

Design: Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
LxWxH: 155 x 90 x 8 mm
Weight: 90g

ICARUS - the first sundial in your pocket for our modern time standard!
Portable sundial with display of any standard time for any time zone in the world (e.g.: Central European Time CET/CEST). Integrated global map of the northern and southern hemisphere showing the sun's culmination over the world.

Carefully crafted from anodically treated aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Scales and engraving applied under the anodically treated coat and therefore scratch resistant and permanently protected.

Finish (basic colour of earth parts, equation of time curve and zodiac segments): Titanium grey metallic or Helios red metallic.

ICARUS can be folded for transport and carried attached to your belt in a durable Cordura bag. A fully comprehensive English manual provides background knowledge and illustrated tutorials of the operation.

Features of ICARUS:
- Patented function principle
- Can be used all over the world
- Central European Time or any other standard time
- Integrated global map
- The sun's migration around the world
- Solar Compass and Navigator
- Collapsable and portable attached to belt

Function principle:
The ICARUS is the first portable sundial with which you can read Central European Time (CET) and any zone time in the world. In California the ICARUS shows Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT), the Summer Time for the US West coast.

12:00 hours is set on the time zone and you read the time off the time zone scale. In London GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is standard, the shadow falls at 07:29 hours GMT. Big Ben is obviously showing the correct time.

The date is set on the date scale, opposite you can read the sun's position in the zodiac. Once aligned with the sun, the sundial is positioned in a north-south direction and the gnomon points to the polar star. The ICARUS is a solar compass and a navigator for determining your location.

The ICARUS is aligned when the ellipsoid's shadow has reached the time scale ring. Now the sundial displays the time (9:50 EDT Eastern Daylight Time) and the longitude at which the sun is currently at noon. In the picture it is culminating above the Azores (longitude 26° W).

Solar time sometimes goes fast or slow. In order to determine our modern time with its regular intervals, you must take the 'so-called' equation of time into account. You can read this off the curve (+14min on 20. Nov.) and set the time scale ring.

In 'down under' , the ICARUS stands on its head. On the southern hemisphere, the Antarctic side of the world map is at the top for the viewer and the time scale runs in an anti-clockwise direction (see Rio). Nevertheless, even here the gnomon points at the polar star, even if this is never visible in Sydney .

- 'A travel clock for the sunny desitinations in the world' (Nils Schiffhauer in the FAZ, January, 2nd 2007)
- The world of complicated sun-dials includes the Icarus, manufactured by the German company Helios Uhren. The Icarus is portable and will hang like a wind chime, but the amazing thing about it is its ability to indicate the time in any time zone to which one could travel.' (Jordan A. Rothacker in International Watch, October 2006)
- 'How to spend it' (Supplement of the Financial Times Germany, April 10, 2008)

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