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MAGELLAN Globe Sundial - Discover Time!

Manufacturer: Helios Sonnenuhren

Design: Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
WxHxD: 210 x 260 x 160 mm, Ø 160 mm
Weight: 5 kg

MAGELLAN - the Globe-Sundial with pivotable mid-day bow, CET/CEST and date!
Discover time: Day and night, sunrise and sunset, polar day and polar night. The sun itself demonstrates to you these natural phenomena, which in their eternal play of light and shadow determine the course of our life on earth.

Day and night:
 Adjusted exactly for its location's latitude and longitude, the MAGELLAN globe takes up the same position as the Earth. The sunlight continually illuminates the steel globe just like our planet, so that day and night are clearly visible.

 On the MAGELLAN's noon adjusting arm you can trace the sun's apparent migration between the tropics and ascertain the date. The beginning of each of the four seasons is identified by the ancient sign of the zodiac.

Features of MAGELLAN:
Globe sundial in stainless steel displaying
- Any standard time (24 time zones)
- Date
- Seasons
- Sun's position at noon
- Day and night side
- Polar day and polar night.

Ferdinand Magellan
In the days of the Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan, who sailed around the world in the 16th century, most people still believed that all the stars revolved around the Earth on crystal ball sockets. Today we know that it is the Earth which revolves around its axis once a day and makes it seem as though the sun is moving from East to West.

The sun's migration from East to West
Using the MAGELLAN sundial, you can follow the apparent movement of the sun with the noon adjusting arm, which you pivot in the sun until the shadows on the left and right of the arm disappear. It is then positioned exactly above the longitude at which the sun is reaching its local highest position (culmination) at this moment in time. At all locations on this longitude, it is precisely noon.

Date display
The sunlight penetrates the noon adjusting arm through a small slit, is reflected to the side and illuminates small light segments. You can read off the date at the most brightly lit light segment. Underneath this segment you will see the sub-solar point on the earth's surface. This is the location at which the sun is at this moment in its zenith.

Central European Time
The time scale ring lies along the equator. The noon adjusting arm, positioned towards the sun, is the pointer with which you can read off the time from the time scale ring. You can adjust the MAGELLAN not only for true noon (solar time) but also for Central European Time (CET/CEST).

Sundial for world time
The MAGELLAN is a global sundial. The meridians, representing the 24 time zones, are visible on the globe. You turn to 12:00 hours (for summertime 13:00 hours) on the appropriate time zone meridian and the noon adjusting arm immediately shows you the zonal time on the time scale ring. You can set it up in Frankfurt, set CET/CEST or any other zone time in the world, whatever you like, for example, you can display Eastern Standard Time (New York time). If you want absolutely accurate time measurement, you can take into account the equation of time using the scale provided.

Worldwide set-up
The sundial is set up for the exact geographic latitude and longitude of its location. The highest point on the globe represents the location's horizontal level and is positioned towards the zenith. The polar axis points towards the polar star and the meridian ring is situated at the north-south level.

Globe made from a sanded stainless steel cast
Manufactured in a lost wax melting process, the wax model and the ceramic mould are each used for only one casting and are produced from scratch for each new globe. Careful artisinal crafting and a wealth of experience is required for this casting process, which is steeped in tradition. The globe (16 cm in diameter) and all other parts are manufactured from stainless steel. The optical element integrated in the time scale ring is made of weatherproof acrylic glass. The sundial can be used outside all year round.

The sundial is installed on solid flooring. For example, on a wall, railings or a stone pedestal. The base is adjustable and is aligned in the horizontal using the built-in spirit-level.

We also offer suitable stands in stainless steel or granite as optional accessories.

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- 'Natural Horology, Sundials are making a comeback' (Jordan A. Rothacker in International Watch, October 2006)

What you get: A MAGELLAN sundial including mounting kit, tools and detailed manual.

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