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Air Humidifier / Evaporator ZIPPER

Manufacturer: Pension für Produkte

Design: Kenichi Kusano
HxWxD: 20,5 x 9,5 x 4,5 cm
Volume: 380 ml; weight: 660 g
Material: Ceramics, plastic coated wire hook

The beautiful way of humidifying air.
The corn spike or the opulent flower bouquet on Grandma's air humidifiers have burnt into our brains as daunting pictures. Hence, the humidifier has become a dinosaur that up to now never enjoyed a 're-design'.

But the needs are there! The dry air in heated rooms makes us suffer and noisy eco-unfriendly electrical air humidifiers are not quite everybody's cup of tea.

The open-porous body of this ceramic humidifier distributes as much water as possible. The glazed front offers a great space for a modern motif.

Suitable for ribbed or flat radiators, the hook can be bend into shape.

What you get: An air humidifier with hook.

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Air Humidifier / Evaporator ZIPPER
Air Humidifier / Evaporator ZIPPER
Air Humidifier / Evaporator ZIPPER
Air Humidifier / Evaporator ZIPPER

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