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Lessing Money Saving Box Hedgefund

Manufacturer: Lessing Produktgestaltung

Design: Christian Lessing
Ø 180 mm, height: 14,5 cm (small) / 21 cm (large)
Material: Turned beech wood, glass

Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves!
The world is trembling. Everybody's talking about the financial crisis, everybody's talking about saving money. Not a pleasant topic of conversation one should think. But saving money can be so much more than anxiously piling securities in metal safe-deposit boxes.

The 'Hedgefund' money box takes away a bit of the seriousness of saving money and quite naturally combines saving with fun. Because here the big money is not thrown down the drain, but small change thrown in instead. Actually, this is done with the necessary momentum, enabling the coins to elegantly do as many laps as possible in the hedgefund's funnel-shaped top before they disappear inside. And that's not an easy thing to do. But practise is so addictive - you can't help wanting to put in more money than you actually have. Once the hedgefund's finally been filled to bursting, you will have saved ten euros in a really playful and casual manner while having improved your fine motor skills - with no risk at all.

'Hedgefund' comes in two versions: One big model for collecting 1, 2 or 5 cent coins (as desired), and a small one used for 50 cent coins, which allows you to save up to a massive 50 euros.

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Lessing Money Saving Box Hedgefund
Lessing Money Saving Box Hedgefund
Lessing Money Saving Box Hedgefund
Lessing Money Saving Box Hedgefund

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