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Sex Bomb Porcelain Figurine

Manufacturer: AS Cmielów Porzellanmanufaktur

Design: Henryk Jędrasiak, 1958
WxHxD: 70x270x70 mm

Provocatively sexy!
After their great success in the 50ies and 60ies the porcelain manufacturer Cmielów waited in its big sleep for almost 40 years until it was the new owner Adam Spala who kissed awake this historical factory. From the basement vault he retrieved veritable treasures: The original casts!
Some of them were sadly beyond remedy, some could be restored with great effort. Adam Spala reckons it will take some 20 years for this work to be completed.

The head of the restoration department is Czeslaw Wosiek, who had alredy been working for Cmielów in the 60ies and recently was awarded a medal from the Polish government for his achievements to the arts and culture of his nation. Up to now he has restored some 90 original casts and production has been resumed to make the original figurines using exactly the same techniques as they were performed in the 50ies.

Inspired by the works of famous artists and sculptors, the collection today comprises figurines playing with vibrant colours as well as monochrome shades to resemble the fashion of their time. The designs are all extremely retro and have a very modern appearance to us today. Highly fashionable valuables quasi, telling their stories of former times. Each piece is lovingly handmade from finest porcelain and subsequently hand-painted by skilled artists. Each figurine is numbered and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity (see picture) indicating the sculpture number, the orignating year and the name of its creator.

What you get: One porcelain figurine, SEX BOMB. Please choose your colour!

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Sex Bomb Porcelain Figurine
Sex Bomb Porcelain Figurine

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