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JOJK Mod. 15 Bracelet Unisex - Nordic Art

Manufacturer: Jojk

Design: Eva Lundmark
S: 17,5 cm
L: 19,5cm
Width: 10 mm
Material: Natural leather / Reindeer horn / silver threads.

The thread used, a silver/pewter thread, is intricately braided into different patterns. The natural leather is of the highest quality and is naturally tanned using an environmentally friendly method, incorporating agents found in tree bark. The leather does not contain chromium and is less allergenic than other leathers.

The buttons are made from reindeer horn. These are not taken directly from the animals, but are collected after they drop from the bulls in early winter and from the cows in the spring.

The jewellery is timeless and suites men and women of all ages. With time, the thread becomes shinier and the leather develops a lustrous tone, which means that your jewellery will become even more beautiful!

Please choose your length and leather colour / leather type.

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Shipping time: 3-4 days
Leather colour:  

64,00 EUR  incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

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JOJK Mod. 15 Bracelet Unisex - Nordic Art
JOJK Mod. 15 Bracelet Unisex - Nordic Art
JOJK Mod. 15 Bracelet Unisex - Nordic Art
JOJK Mod. 15 Bracelet Unisex - Nordic Art

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