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naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.

Manufacturer: naef Spielkultur

Design: Jo Niemeyer
WxHxD: 11,2x11,2x11,2 cm
23 pcs.

Impressive architecture!
This cube is divided several times in adherence to the golden ratio and surrounded by black shapes. During play, these become foundations, walls or roofs and a player the architect. Everything fits into each other harmoniously.

'Tectus', the new object from Naef, is based on a model and drawings under the name 'system 618' from Jo Niemeyer in the year 1996. With its dividings along the golden cut it shows parallales to the Naef 'Modulon'. Tomohiro Nakamura has taken on this idea at a much later moment. For the company Naef this was a motivation to introduce the object by the end of 2008 under the name 'TECTUS'. Naef thanks Tomohiro Nakamura for presenting this object at Naef. The idea and the copyright though belong to Jo Niemeyer, who for decades has been busying himself with the golden cut in the area of applied Arts.

Fascination Naef
'Beautiful shapes and colors', 'intelligent construction', 'quality materials', 'perfectly crafted'... these comments represent the foundation of the toy objects from Naef. The creators of Naef feel people tend to form their senses while playing in turn expanding their creativity and sense of the environment. Ability, logical thought and the understanding of function can be achieved through play.

Development is fostered by beginning to play.

What you get: A TECTUS, consisting of 23 pieces, in colours black and white, in gift box.

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naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.
naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.
naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.
naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.
naef TECTUS Swiss Wooden Object Toy 23 Pcs.

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