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SPHINX Orange - The Peaceful Place for Your Spectacles

Manufacturer: Son of nils

Design: son of nils
Material: ABS / plastics (suction cup)

Who hasn't got his glasses in his face has got them on this nose!
For all those who for more than once a day are searching for their glasses in vain: Here comes their rescue! Thanks to its practical suction cup SPHINX can be attached to any flat surface. Furthermore SPHINX can be adjusted up and down so that every pair of glasses, no matter if they are big or small, frameless or thick will find their rest on SPHINX. A truly outstanding product, an ideal gift! SPHINX is available in various colours so that even in households with multiple spectacle wearers mix-ups of their glasses are avoided.

The situation: Do you recognize this situation? You've put your glasses somewhere but don't remember where. Or your sunglasses are lying around somewhere getting scratched up. SPHINX is the solution to this eternal problem. It is the obvious place wherever you use your glasses - be it at work, in the bathroom, in the car, watching TV or travelling.

The product: With its shape, SPHINX lets you know at a first glance, what it is designed for. Made of solid plastic with a suction cup on its back SPHINX can be attached to all smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, tiles and other plain surfaces. It is easy to use and can be adjusted in height to fit most glasses. The suction cup is of particularly good quality, among the best in the world according to their manufacturer. The patented Light-Diffusing-Ring System makes it extremely powerful, secure and up to 70% more effective than conventional suction cups.

Simply put your glasses folded together on SPHINX, like you would on your own nose. The glasses' frame is secured between the nose and the suction cup. Adjust SPHINX up or down on the suction cup to fit the size of your glasses and to get a secure and optimal mount.

What you get: A spectacle holder SPHINX, colour orange, in transparent gift box with manual.

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SPHINX Orange - The Peaceful Place for Your Spectacles
SPHINX Orange - The Peaceful Place for Your Spectacles
SPHINX Orange - The Peaceful Place for Your Spectacles
SPHINX Orange - The Peaceful Place for Your Spectacles

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