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KWO MELANGE Anti Resonance Pedestals Large (3 Pcs.)

Manufacturer: KWO

Design: KWO/Fraunhofer-Institut
Ø 50 mm / height 40 mm

An optimum sound reproduction already starts at the base!
On strength of decade-long experiences with sounding bodies the anti-resonance pedestal series MELANGE was developed. By the use of high-tech metal foam this series guarantees a phenomenal natural sound reproduction.
Because of the absolutely resonance-neutral stand the high end components can develop their full sound performance. It is an incomparable musical experience. The secret of an optimum sound reproduction is a resonance-neutral stand.
The answer can be found in the physics.
Hi-Fi systems create natural vibrations which result in resonances. When inapplicable utility spaces are used the resonances are transferred to other components and the sound gets flawed.
By means of resonance absorbing materials all vibrations are reduced so that resonances cannot even arise. The metal foam KWO are using fulfils this property excellently. The result is a natural and optimal sound reproduction.

Technical specifications:
For the first time this design uses metal foams as resonance-absorbing materials as they are also known from the aerospace industry. These metal foams are very light and extremely stable. Their porous structure assimilates vibrations very well and absorbs them excellently so that resonances cannot even arise. These special stainless steel pedestals with metal foam filling are the ideal base for every High-End component. These pedestals are offered in two sizes.

What you get: A set consisting of three large MELANGE anti-resonance pedestals.

This product is 'Made in Germany'.

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KWO MELANGE Anti Resonance Pedestals Large (3 Pcs.)
KWO MELANGE Anti Resonance Pedestals Large (3 Pcs.)

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