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A Night of Chesky Jazz Live at Town Hall: JVC Jazz Festival 180

Manufacturer: in-akustik

Verlag: in-akustik
TITEL: A Night of Chesky Jazz Live at Town Hall: JVC Jazz Festival
INTERPRET: Various Artists
TT ART: LP Audiophile Vinyl Pressing
VÖ: 1992
LABEL: Chesky

Ana Caram (Guitar), Ana Caram (Vocals), Ana Caram (Performer), David Chesky (Producer), Paquito d'Rivera (Clarinet), Paquito d'Rivera (Performer), Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet), Fred Hersch (Piano), Fred Hersch (Performer), Joe Lovano (Sax (Tenor)), Joe Lovano (Performer), Jim McNeely (Piano), Jim McNeely (Performer), George Wein (Producer), George Wein (Executive Producer), Norman Chesky (Producer), Scott Colley (Performer), Raphael Cruz (Performer), David Finck (Bass), David Finck (Performer), Daniel Freiberg (Performer), Erik Friedlander (Performer), Bill Goodwin (Drums), Bill Goodwin (Performer), Jamey Haddad (Performer), Tom Harrell (Trumpet), Tom Harrell (Performer), Steve Kaiser (Editing), Bob Katz (Engineer), Bob Katz (Editing), Jeremy Kipnis (Engineer), Jeremy Kipnis (Assistant Engineer), Romero Lubambo (Guitar), Romero Lubambo (Performer), Richard Perry (Performer), Cliff Preiss (Liner Notes), Tom Rainey (Performer), Stanley Schnier (Photography), Randy Stern (Stage Assistant), Peter Washington (Bass), Peter Washington (Performer), Phil Woods (Saxophone), Phil Woods (Performer), Dave Rubin (Assistant Producer), Lisa Hershfield (Assistant Producer), Jim Lopata (Producer), Roy Spangenthal (Project Director), Christine Chagnon (Design), Steve Guttenberg (Assistant Producer), Jon Finkelstein (Stage Assistant), Sal Cappi (Concert Coordinator), Matt Richardson (Stage Assistant)

1. Journey to the Center (6:31)
2. Weaver (8:35)
3. Frevo (4:53)
4. Child's Song/Forward Motion (8:21)
5. Nostalgia (Lyrics) (6:02)
6. Caminhos Cruzados (4:52)
7. O Quer Vier Eu Traco Zé Maria
8. Seresta (3:51)
9. Birk's Works/Estamos Ai'

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A Night of Chesky Jazz Live at Town Hall: JVC Jazz Festival 180

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