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Quality Products with a Future
Fair-kaeuflich.DE (a German wordplay meaning 'fair purchasing') is not a simple catchword adding a popular attribute to our core process of retailing and certainly not to be understood in the sense of a 'fast deal'. In fact, by using the English expression 'fair' we would like to express our true philosophy:

Retail in quality products from Europe at worthy rates. At the same time create and establish a trustful and successful partnership together with our customers, the society, our suppliers and the environment.

Fairness in Association with our Customers
We feel close to our customers. Hence, their desires and requirements always take the centre stage of our corporate thinking and acting. Each customer deserves our esteem and respect irrespective of his social status, his public function, his national, religious or veneral belonging.

Our customer's satisfaction is the indicator for our success. Therefore we only offer quality products that give our customers a long lasting pleasure. We set the highest value on an elaborate and individual expert advice. Not only pre-sales but also post-sales. We are only then successful if our customers recommend us further and visit us again because they are pursuaded by our concept and our coherent cost/performance ratio.
This we see as our commitment and daily challenge.

Fairness in Association with our Society
We are confessing to our resposibility as part of the society and conciously convey the opportunities of intelligent products that are manufactured within effective, social frameworks in Europe. * This includes that we distribute many products, that are made by disabled or socially weak people as well. Therewith we facilitate a more dignified life of these beings who, with their creativity, add a great perspective to their lives. This way we contribute our valuable share to secure the future, social perspective and employment opportunities of first and foremost our younger generations in our economical area. At the same time it is our central ambition to maintain the balance between economics, ecology and the society.

Fairness in Association with our Suppliers
We are striving for long-termed, successful partnerships with our suppliers. Therefore we do not sell at dumping prices but rather argue the worthy cost/performance ratio of our offerings emphatically.
The advancement of our business at the vantage of all our stake holders largely depends on our supplier's willingness to continue develop and produce quality products and adhere to the manufacturing base Europe.
Therefore it is a peculiar challenge for us to relay all-embracing information regarding the products, their designers and manufacturers in order to clearly distinguish them from the anonymous Far-Eastern mass consumer products and hence create a broad basis for the future of products, designers and manufacturers in Europe.

* In order to complement our product range we have decided to offer a very limited selection of products made outside Europe. At this juncture however we paid attention that these products are 'fair' in an all-embracing sense, that is to say that they have been made labour-intensive in fair working conditions from high-grade materials. They are solid, functional, with a design appropriate for the material involved and therefore fine, durable, repairable and eco-friendly. These products have been marked accordingly in their respective item description.

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